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  2. The one event that happens on every single fire is a hose-line gets pulled and water gets flowed. The Nozzle Forward is a class for engine company crews.  It is not a collection of technique; it is an adaptable system of hose line management and fire attack.  It is focused around fighting fire, interior offensive firefighting, aggressive firefighting, for which we will never apologize. Aggressive firefighting is not the problem, it is the solution.

    The goal of the “The Nozzle Forward” is to help craft more efficient Engine Companies by increasing the individuals’ competency with their tools and expanding on the conceptual aspects of the fire environment.

    The course will integrate the three major components of engine company work; fire behavior, hose management, and fire attack.


    The September 20 & 21, 2023, Nozzle Forward training will take place at the Bartlett Fire District Training Center, located at 1575 W. Bartlett Rd, Bartlett, IL. The practical training will begin at 8:00 AM and includes lunch on both days. $425 PER PERSON OR BOTH FOR $500


    The September 22, Aaron Fields seminar will be in the Oak Room at the Bartlett Community Center, 700 S. Bartlett Rd, Bartlett, IL. The seminar begins at 8:30 AM and includes lunch. $100 PER PERSON

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