Fire Inspections

Here is an explanation of the annual fire inspection program. If you need further assistance, please contact Fire Marshal Mike Heimbecker.

Title 9, Chapter 12, Article A of the Village of Bartlett Building Codes outlines the annual inspection program. 

9-12A-1: Authorization: The village of Bartlett (the "village") building department (the "building department") and the Bartlett fire protection district (the "fire department") are hereby authorized to conduct annual inspections of properties described in section 9-12A-2 of this article to be performed in accordance with the provisions of this article. (Ord. 2014-46, 6-3-2014)

9-12A-2: Fire Inspection Area: The following properties located within the corporate limits of the village have been designated for annual inspections: a) commercial and/or industrial properties located in the B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, O-R, P-1, I-1 or I-2 districts, or within a PD planned development district that has been designated as office/research, industrial, commercial and/or business, or within a PUD that contains industrial, commercial and/or business uses; and b) the common areas of multi-family buildings located in the SR-5 or SR-6 districts (including SR-5 PUD and SR-6 PUD districts), or in a PD planned development district that has been designated as SR-5 or SR-6. A list of properties subject to the annual inspection is on file with the building department and is updated from time to time by the building department. (Ord. 2014-46, 6-3-2014)

9-12A-3: Purpose of Annual Inspection Program: The purpose of the annual inspection program is to: A. Identify and control actual and potential fire hazards or code violations that threaten person and/or property; B. Inform and educate owners and tenants of sound fire protection techniques; C. Identify specific fire hazards within buildings for corrective action; and D. Enhance safety for employees, customers and residents occupying and/or using the above-described properties. (Ord. 2014-46, 6-3-2014)

9-12A-4: Time of Inspections: A. Mandatory Inspection Period: Beginning May 1, 2000, mandatory annual inspections shall commence for all properties listed and on file with the building department as updated from time to time by the building director. B. Inspection Times: All inspections shall be performed in accordance with the procedures set forth herein and shall be performed only on Monday through Friday, nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. to four o'clock (4:00) P.M., excluding holidays. Restaurants shall not be inspected during the peak business hours of eleven o'clock (11:00) A.M. to two o'clock (2:00) P.M. (Ord. 2014-46, 6-3-2014)

3-1-1: Purpose, License Required, Fees, Special Regulations: A. Because each commercial establishment located in the Village is a basic part of and affects the physical and economic well being of the Village necessitating services from the Village in the form of building, health and police inspections and other services, and fire inspections by the Bartlett Fire Protection District, such commercial establishments shall in all respects be in full compliance with the provisions contained in this title. This title is designed to provide for the means whereby the Village may render the necessary inspections and services to commercial establishments and commercial activities in order to promote, protect, and safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents and consumers of the Village and to enable the effecting of an accurate record of commercial establishments located and carrying on commercial activities or commerce within the Village.

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