Knox Key Lock Box

The Bartlett Fire Protection District uses Knox lock boxes – ordering is done online directly through Knox. Click on the image to access the site. Click the red buy button in the upper right corner of the page and follow the prompts. New customers will need to set up a customer account. In the drop-down menu, we are listed as “Bartlett Fire Prot Dist”. If you just type “Bartlett” in the box, it should populate.

In most cases, the box style to order is Knox Box 3200. However, there may be circumstances where the larger Knox Vault 4400 is required. To avoid ordering the wrong size box, be sure to check with the Fire Prevention Bureau. The box can be purchased in a surface-mount or recessed option (either is acceptable). There is also an option for a tamper switch for those that wish to connect the box to a building security system, however, this is not required. Enter your own information for the shipping address. Be sure to coordinate the installation location of the box with the Bartlett Fire Protection District Bureau of Fire Prevention.

Knox also offers a variety of other products such as gate key switches and padlocks. When used, these products can increase the speed in which the fire department can access your property during an emergency.

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