Technical Rescue Team


The Bartlett Fire District Technical Rescue Team’s mission is to provide for rescue or recovery of individuals from situations requiring highly skilled, specially trained personnel with appropriate equipment and special tactics and techniques. Some situations that may require a Technical Rescue response can include confined space incidents, trench or excavation collapses, high- or low-angle rope rescues, structural collapses, or transportation or industrial accidents involving heavy vehicles or equipment beyond the scope of a typical fire company’s capabilities. This team has taken on hundreds of hours of advanced training in specialized disciplines. In addition, the Technical Rescue team can also assist other teams, such as the Dive Rescue team at a Swiftwater incident.

MABAS Illinois Division 2 Member

The Bartlett Fire Protection District is a member of MABAS Illinois Division 2, as well as working with Divisions 1 and 5 on a regular basis. These agreements allow the District to have access to a vast network of training, equipment, and additional personnel if necessary, as well as helping provide those same resources to areas when they need it. If you have any questions, please forward them to FF/Medic Clark Dendinger.

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