Fire Suppression & Roadway Extrication

Each member of the Bartlett Fire Protection District is at least trained to the State of Illinois' Firefighter II level, the entry level certification established by the State Fire Marshall's Office. Many of Bartlett's personnel are trained to the Firefighter III level and beyond, including: Instructor certifications, Fire Officer certifications, Inspector certifications, Arson Investigation, Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, and more. The Department employs a rigorous training curriculum, constantly refreshing both the knowledge and practical skills required by both officers and firefighters.

Emergency Medical Services

Advanced Life Support and hospital transportation of the ill and injured is provided by certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B) and Paramedics (EMT-P) responding in three mobile Intensive Care / Advanced Life Support units. Many of Bartlett's personnel hold specialized certifications such as Pediatric Life Support, Basic and Advanced Trauma Care, and Advanced Cardiac Care. For information regarding our Medical Access Protection Safe (MAPS) program, contact a Bartlett Fire Prevention Officer at 630-837-3701, or click on the link above.

Hazardous Materials Response Team

The Bartlett Fire Protection District maintains an intensively trained HazMat team which provides control and containment for hazardous materials release. The team is specially equipped to deal with any dangerous chemical, from the hundreds of products used by local industry, to the thousands of hazardous substances transported through town on many of our railroads and highways.

High-Rise And Below Grade Rescue Team (Technician Rescue)

The Bartlett Fire Protection District's Technical Rescue Team (TRS) is specially trained and equipped to deal with victim rescue and removal from various unique situations, including underground sites, elevated structures, trenching operations, sewers and access tunnels, and other limited access or confined spaces.

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is currently under the direction of Assistant Chief Michael Kelly who is responsible for inspecting commercial and industrial occupancies for compliance with the Village of Bartlett and the Bartlett Fire Protection District's codes. Each occupancy is inspected approximately once every two years by the fire district along with village building inspectors. During an inspection, a comprehensive examination of fire and life safety issues is performed. Exits and exit lights, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire suppression, and fire detection systems are all examined in detail. Regular inspections of businesses and public buildings also allows the bureau to update pre-fire plans, which helps firefighters become familiar with the details of a structure should a fire occur. The Fire Prevention Bureau oversees all fire protection equipment installed in commercial buildings. The bureau provides consulting support in the design phase, review of blueprints prior to installation, conducts field inspections, and performs final acceptance tests of the systems, including sprinklers and alarms. Under a special agreement with the local school district, each school in the community is inspected annually. All licensed day care centers and pre-schools are also inspected annually. Routine fire drills are monitored by fire district personnel to insure that proper evacuation techniques are being utilized. Annual inspections can be looked upon as a form of education by pointing out possible fire and life safety issues in the work place, school, church, and home. The Fire Prevention Bureau is willing to work with business owners and citizens to make the community as safe as possible. The Fire District has the responsibility of determining the origin and cause of any fire within the district boundaries and within the Village of Bartlett. With a staff of five state certified investigators, the Fire Prevention Bureau along with the Bartlett Police Department manages all fire investigations. Contact A/C Kelly to schedule a safety review of your home or business at 630-837-3701 ext 112.

Public Education

The Bartlett Fire Protection District's Public Education Team's goal is educating the citizens in the community of Bartlett to avoid potentially injurious fires and how to properly exit their homes, schools, and businesses to save lives. Various activities are coordinated by Public Education, such as school visits, public appearances/block parties, fire drills, fire safety awareness programs, Boy Scout merit badge classes, fire extinguisher training, CPR classes, and Operation Beep - 9 volt smoke detector battery replacement program.

Photo Unit

The Bartlett Fire Protection District Photo Unit documents the fire department - its work and its history. This means photographing equipment, such as trucks and uniforms, as well as the dedicated workers who don the uniform every day. In addition to documenting major incidents, the Photo Unit also supports the Fire Investigation Bureau, and much of their work is also used for training purposes.